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Sacha Rosewood - Higuerilla

Sacha Rosewood, Higuerilla (Micandra spruceana)
Sacha Rosewood is a Peruvian wood with striking features both tonally and cosmetically. Sacha has beautiful figuring, a rich bass tone and an equally satisfying treble response which has been described as being very much like Madagascar Rosewood.
Sacha Rosewood Higuerilla is an environmentally friendly tonewood harvested using strict sustainable forest practices. This hardwood species is found in very remote, dangerous areas in the Peruvian rainforest. Currently all our Sacha is sourced at location and in full compliance with LACEY laws. Imported exclusively by Terra Tonewoods.
Higuerilla "Sacha Rosewood" is NOT a true rosewood, or Dalbergia, and is NOT protected or restricted by CITES.

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