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Red Mountain Spanish Cedar

Red Mountain Spanish Cedar (Cedrela montana)

Letter in lower right corner denotes template size.
D: Dreadnought (15.5" LB)
C: Classical (14.25" LB)

Template mark is on the outside of the template.
Drawing is for size reference and as you can see it is possible to change the grain orientation in most sets.

Photos are taken under standard color corrected lighting.
Sets have not been sanded or treated to enhance color or flame figure. Flame figure does not always appear uniform in photos, depending on the angle of the light to the grain, but when rotated the flame appears.

This unique high elevation grown Spanish Cedar species has spectacular color and tonal qualities.
Red Mountain SC has all the best qualities of traditional Spanish Cedar but this one does not weep sap when cut.
NOW CITES listed therefore we do not offer shipping International.


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